Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keith and Julie Tippett - Couple in Spirit (1988)

If you thought last month's post from Wayne Shorter was wild, wrap your ears around this'un.
I'll let the happy couple explain themselves [from the liner notes]:

Julie and I intentionally went into the studio without any preconceived notation or architecture. All the Music on this album is totally improvised. The instruments are acoustic, recorded as they sounded.
COUPLE IN SPIRIT is a suite of spontaneous composition and should be listened to as on piece in eight movements. Total improvisation is composition, both are part of the complete music. Momentum - colour - tension - relief of tension = architecture. May music never just become another way of making money.

All my musical life I have been searching for my 'ethnic' soul. This work with Keith has brought me the closest to finding it.

Editions EG, UK, 1988. Cat # EGED 52

A1: Daybreak [3:18]
A2: Morning Psalm [2:21]
A3: Brimstone Spring Lullaby [3:51]
A4: Evening Psalm [3:36]
A5: Marching (We Shall Remember Them) [6:05]
B1: The Choir and the Sunset Improvisers [7:27]
B2: The Key at Dusk [6:25]
B3: Grey Mist with Yellow Waterfall Entwines Evening Turquoise [4:26]

All compositions by Keith and Julie Tippett except A3: Julie Tippetts and B2: Keith Tippett.
Keith Tippett: Piano, Harpsichord, Harmonium, Bottles, Bells, Voices.
Julie Tippetts: Voices, Zither, Recorder, Bottles, Shaker

Recorded by Tony Arnold
Mixed by Robert Fripp
Produced by Keith and Julie Tippett
LP mastered at Townhouse Studios, London.

24-bit/96kHz FLAC
16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC
320kbps mp3

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