Friday, January 20, 2012


d'oh! Looks like I'll need to find another host and re-up some things. Stay tuned.

Update: (21/1/12) OK, check under each post whether the links are fixed. Have only done the most recent post so far. This could take a while.

Update #2: (22/1/12) Well, I've updated fourteen posts so far. I think I have the others somewhere in my splendid filing system, but can't find 'em right now. If I can't get hold of them I might go back and re-do some of the earlier ones, since I've upgraded my equipement since I started out, and have got a bit better at the process.

Update #3: (22/1/12) Found most of the rest of them and have fixed the links. Still missing a couple but I suspect I've got 'em somewhere. Mind you, just listening back to some of those early ones, they probably could use ripping again.

Update #4: (30/1/12) I say, does anyone still have a copy of the flac files from this post and this one? I only seem to have the lossy copies. If somebody could upload them somewhere, I would appreciate it. Merci.

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