Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sports - Fair Game EP (1977)

Picked this up on eBay last year. Wasn't too expensive considering there were only 500 of them printed.
I'm afraid I'm too young to have seen The Sports in the flesh. I think the first time I encountered them was - of all places - on Simon Townsend's Wonder World when I was a nipper. They were flogging one of their LPs, and I remember one of the band members repeatedly exclaiming "most of my friends use them as frisbees!" before flinging one skyward. Oh, that crazy rock'n'roll lifestyle.
I'd been vaguely aware of Stephen Cummings in the intervening years (mostly from the slightly naff "sexy" video for his dance single 'Gymnasium' - go on, look it up on YouTube) and saw him play supporting Elvis Costello at the State Theatre a few years ago, when he played songs like 'Who Listens to the Radio' and 'How Come,' (which I must have heard on the radio and/or on Countdown back in the day) and realised that these were brilliant pop songs. he's quite a compelling performer too.
Soon afterwards, I saw a copy of The Sports' Suddenly LP with the die-cut venetian blinds on the sleeve intact for once, so I bought it. I liked it, and over the next few years picked up all their albums and their three EPs. They're quite easy to buy cheaply second hand (if you don't mind having a copy of Suddenly with the sleeve all torn to shreds) and there's a pretty good double CD compilation called The Definitive Collection (originally released as This is Really Something) that's often in the bargain bin at your friendly local chain store. This, their debut EP, however, seems to be quite rare. Most of Cummings's solo albums are worth checking out too, and many are still in print. Cummings's website, is a mine of information, and his recent memoir, Will it be Funny Tomorrow, Billy? is a cracking read.

A1 (Right) Thru Her Heart (3:43)
A2 Twist Señorita (2:27)*
B1 In Trouble With the Girls (3:12)
B2 Red Cadillac & a Black Moustache (2:54)

45rpm 7" EP
Zak Records 1977, Cat # ZR-001

*'Twist Señorita' is available on the in-print CD The Definitive Collection so I have left it off the download file.

320kbps mp3
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