Saturday, March 13, 2010

Louis Burdett/Lucien Boiteux - Existence is Proof (1978)

I saw a copy of this go for over $200 recently on eBay, which is partly what inspired me to start this blog. I picked this up in the early 90s, probably at Glebe markets, for around $6.
Louis Burdett is somewhat of a living legend in Australian jazz/improv, and has a reputation as a great drummer and - shall we say - a bit of an eccentric.
I was a big fan of his work at the time, having seen him perform at the Strawberry Hills Hotel with Clarion Fracture Zone, Free Kata and austraLYSIS, and was tickled to find this record, with its plain white sleeve, adorned by cheap, photocopied liner notes and a hand-drawn crayon sleeve design.
Louis is an absurdly talented drummer, with an incredible facility for playing polyrhythms. Not quite sure what to make of this album, on which he is credited with "drums, piano, flute, voice and body percussion." It is credited both to Louis and to the pseudonym Lucien Boiteux (which is spelt "Boiteaux" on the record labels)
This is on the Fringe Benefits label, and is undated, though the eBay listing mentioned above dates it from 1978.
Track Listing:
A1: Love through action (22:08)
B1: Erased and raised (22:55)
320kbps mp3

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*Addendum: 12th June 2010.
I just noticed on the Clarion Fracture Zone album on which Louis plays, Zones on Parade, that a drum overdub on one track is credited to one Lucien Boiteux.


  1. I liked this one a lot as well. Far less seat of the pants, but most interesting. Thanks, again.

  2. Just found this amazing post. thank you so much for this, and pretty much everything else you have posted. i grew up in Sydney (now live in Los Angeles) and was very sad to hear your report of Ashwoods demise. i owe a good chuck of my vinyl collection to their randomly stocked shelves. i wish i had the foresight to appreciate Serge Ermoll, Jon Rose, Louis Burdett and the many other "outside" australian musicians while i had the chance to pick up their vinyl. it is incredible i now get to hear their music thanks to blogs like yours. much thanks.

  3. Hello! i cant seem to download it via those links. is it possible to get it through an alternative link. I need this!!!!!

  4. Hi! It's fantastic this album I have a lossy version I hope I can upgrade to flac this rare gem Link are dead Thanks